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Dr. Matevosyan understands the problems that go along with a missing tooth; not only can it cause additional decay and tooth loss, but it can also undermine self-confidence and self-assurance. She creates dental bridges using the most advanced materials and techniques to help her Marina del Rey patients get comfortable, natural-looking results that last.
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Bridges Q & A

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a special dental appliance that is designed to fill in the gap made by one or more missing teeth. By “bridging” this gap, the teeth on either side of the gap are supported so their roots don't become weak, and your bite remains properly aligned. The bridge is attached to these teeth and the device itself supports one or more artificial teeth in between. These teeth can be tinted to match your surrounding teeth for a natural look. Some bridges are removable and some are fixed (designed to remain in place).

Are bridges hard to care for?

Removable bridges are as easy to care for as dentures. Simply remove them to clean them and to clean the teeth and gums under and around the bridge. For bridges that are not removable, you may need some practice to ensure you're getting the gum and teeth around the bridge as clean as possible. The hygienist can provide you with some tips on brushing and flossing the area, and Dr. Matevosyan will be able to examine the area during checkups to ensure you're cleaning properly.

How will my bridge be made?

Your bridge will begin with an impression to ensure it fits the space and is shaped like the surrounding teeth. The impression can also be used to make crowns for the teeth which will be used to support the bridge. Crowns help strengthen those teeth so the bridge doesn't weaken them. The bridge will be crafted to look and perform like your natural teeth. Once in place, it can be shaped to ensure it fits snugly, but comfortably. Bridges typically take a couple of visits for measurement and fitting.

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