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Dr. Matevosyan uses the most advanced materials and techniques for fillings of all types so Marina del Rey, CA, patients can get just the look they want at a cost they can afford.

Dental Fillings Q & A

Can I get a filling that looks like my natural tooth?

Yes, Dr. Matevosyan uses a wide range of filling materials and techniques to offer patients the broadest range of choices. Today's filling materials can be tinted to achieve a perfectly natural look that looks just like the rest of your teeth, so no one will no you've had restoration work performed.

Can I have my old, dark fillings replaced with natural-looking fillings?

In most cases, yes. Dr. Matevosyan will examine and evaluate your tooth to ensure it's strong enough to have the filling removed and replaced. If removal of the existing filling might compromise the structure of the tooth, a crown can be used to cover the filling so it looks like a natural, healthy tooth.

Do tooth-colored fillings cost more?

Usually, yes; metal amalgam fillings – the ones that tend to turn dark – are generally less costly than natural-colored materials, but advances in materials have brought down the cost of some composite fillings so they're more affordable than they used to be. And remember: This is an investment in your appearance and your self-confidence, so don't base your decision just on cost. Plus, we can help establish a payment plan or financing plan that works with your budget. 

My toothache has gone away; do I still need to have a filling?

If your pain was caused by decay, then yes, you will still need to have your tooth filled. Your dental exam and x-ray will be able to show if decay is present, so Dr. Matevosyan can determine whether or not you need a filling.

I have a cavity in my front tooth. Will the filling show?

Today, there are special filling materials designed specifically for these “highly aesthetic fillings” - that is, those that are most visible. Dr. Matevosyan is skilled in applying these fillings so they appear just like your natural teeth.

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