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Losing a tooth can be a traumatic event, but with dental implants, you can have a second chance. In her Marina del Rey office, Dr. Matevosyan uses the most advanced implant techniques and products so patients can have a more natural-feeling alternative to dentures and bridges.
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Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

A dental implant uses a titanium post and an artificial tooth, or crown, to provide a lifelike and fully functional replacement for a missing tooth. Implants are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth, and many patients find them much more comfortable than bridges or dentures.

How is an implant put in place?

An implant is designed much like your natural tooth, with a titanium “root” that's implanted in your jaw and a porcelain crown that looks like your natural teeth. During the first visit, the titanium post is implanted and remains in place undisturbed for several weeks while the bone fuses with it to ensure it's strong and stable. During the next visit, a metal abutment, or connector, is attached to the post. This abutment serves as the basis for the crown attachment. Once the abutment is attached, an impression is taken and a crown is made to fit the shape of the space and match the surrounding teeth. The crown can also be tinted to match your teeth. At the final visit, the crown is put in place and any final, minor shaping is performed.

What are the advantages of implants over dentures?

The primary advantage of implants is that they feel and function just like your natural teeth. That means you can eat, smile, talk, laugh and yawn without worrying about slippage or discomfort. Plus, they can be cared for just like your natural teeth, with regular brushing, flossing and dental visits. It's like having a brand-new, natural tooth.

Are implants more expensive than dentures?

Yes, but because of their relative advantages, most patients consider them an excellent investment. Ask about financing that can help you fit the cost of implants into your budget.

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    "I'm so excited to be at Design Dental with Dr Rey. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I'm looking forward to my beautiful teeth with Invisalign."

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    "I've completed Invisalign, cleanings, teeth filing and my teeth whitening here all on a grad student's budget. I am very pleased with the work completed."

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    "I have been seeing Dr. Partovy for 5 years now my family and I, we have all been taken very good care of, Dr. Partovy is very good at what he does."

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    "Dr. Partovy and his staff did a great job preserving and enhancing my smile. Their new offices are really quite amazing; clean lines, open spaces."

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    "Dr. Partovy has not only set me up with Invisalign for nearly half the price I would have paid, but he has also given special attention to my sensitive gums."

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    "If you're looking for a great dentist, with great support staff, you must make Design Dental Spa the best part of your care team."

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    "If you're looking for dental care in the Marina Del Rey area, you can't do better than Design Dental!"

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