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Root canals can be an ideal option for avoiding tooth loss and maintaining a healthy smile, and thanks to the latest advances and scientific techniques, Dr. Matevosyan's Marina del Rey, CA, patients find root canals to be simple, effective procedures for keeping their smiles in the best shape possible.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

Although the outside of your tooth is composed of hard enamel, the inside contains a pulp that's home to blood vessels and nerves. When that pulp becomes infected or damaged, a root canal may be needed to avoid having the tooth pulled. During the root canal, the pulp is removed and the empty area is filled with a special material. Then the tooth is sealed and a crown is often used to provide protection and strength for the tooth.

Are root canals really painful?

Dr. Matevosyan and his staff use the most advanced equipment as well as analgesics to ward off pain so patient experience very little to no discomfort at all during the procedure.

Why is it better to have a root canal than an extraction?

First, it's always better to replace a lost tooth, so if you're planning on following an extraction with a bridge or an implant, you may decide not to have a root canal. But if you don't plan to have a restoration or you can't afford one, saving the tooth is always a better option that leaving a “hole” where the tooth once was. That's because spaces left by missing teeth allow decay to set in more easily, resulting in additional lost teeth. Spaces also allow neighboring teeth to lean inward, which can also cause tooth loss.

What are the symptoms leading up to a root canal?

Most people who wind up needing root canals have the following symptoms:

  • tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • chronic pain in the tooth
  • significant pain in the tooth when chewing or biting

Symptoms can vary from patient to patient, and an x-ray ultimately will be the best way to determine if a root canal might be necessary.

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