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Having a bright, beautiful smile is important at work and in social situations, and it can play a major role in your self-confidence no matter where you are. In his Marina del Rey, CA, office, Dr. Matevosyan offers state-of-the-art whitening treatments for optimal results.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Can I have my teeth whitened if I have restorations like fillings, veneers or bridges?

Yes, teeth whitening can be used even with restorations; however, it's important to remember that whitening agents can make dark fillings appear even darker, so many patients opt to have fillings covered with crowns or replaced with natural-colored materials. In a very few cases, some whitening agents can interfere with adhesives used for certain types of restorations. Dr. Matevosyan will review your dental issues before whitening to ensure it's safe for you.

Are there alternatives to tooth whitening?

Yes, some patients prefer the more permanent option of veneers, especially if their teeth are too discolored to respond to whitening. Veneers and crowns can also be good alternatives if you have a lot of dark fillings and are concerned they may stand out once the rest of your teeth are whitened.

Can my teeth be harmed by whitening?

Today's teeth whitening products and procedures are tested and safe, and Dr. Matevosyan is skilled in using the most advanced techniques safely and effectively. Some people with very sensitive teeth may find the whitening procedure a little uncomfortable, but any residual discomfort will resolve within a day or two. If you have questions about teeth whitening, Dr. Matevosyan can discuss them with you during your office visit.

Why can't I just whiten my teeth at home?

Over-the-counter whitening gels and strips aren't strong enough to achieve the same level of uniform whiteness as in-office treatments, and because they must be left on your teeth over a period of several days, they can make your teeth more sensitive than in-office treatments. Plus, in-office treatments offer much longer-lasting results than at-home treatments, so you don't have to keep reapplying whitening products over and over again to achieve and maintain the look you want.

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